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KHG - International

Studends from a wide range of European, Asian, African and Latinamerican countries shape the international aspect of the KHG Karlsruhe. Not only the prayers but also the International Breakfast, International Evenings and intercultural weekends show that the KHG really is an international parish.


In the year 2000 the KHG formed a partnership with students of the Tupac Amaru College in Tinta in the Peruvian high plateau of the Andes. In Karlsruhe the partnership is organised by the group «GuPI». They bring the latinamerican feeling to the KHG, and they lead the partnership with activities such as Partnership Meetings and Development Projects.


Students from Indonesia form their own group, called KMKI, within the international students. They add to the program of the KHG by offering additional events.

Support and Scholarships

International Students in need can find support in the KHG. Hans-Jörg Krieg and Ute Neu offer counselling interviews.
Gifted students can apply for a scholarship from the KAAD (Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst) through the KHG. The scholarship is available for students doing a Masters course, a German "Diplom"course or a PhD.