Support & Accompaniment

The pastoral team of the KHG would like to support and advise you in different life situations. (Contact: Hauptamtliche)

Wanna talk?

You are looking for someone to talk to - because something is bothering you, a problem is weighing you down, you want to get something off your chest or share it with someone in a protected setting: Benedikt Lang is happy to provide confidential and professional pastoral counselling.

Social counselling

You are in a financial or social emergency situation: The social counselling is aimed at international and German students who are in financial and social emergency situations. Together we look at what forms of support are possible, including our own emergency fund. Of course everything ist kept in discretion. Ute Neu and Benedikt Lang are responsible for social counselling at the KHG.

KAAD Scholarship

The Catholic Academic Aliens Service supports internationally gifted students who are in a Master's programme or doctoral programme in Germany. Information on funding opportunities can be found at Counselling interviews are conducted by Benedikt Lang.


Something is heavy on your heart, something has gone wrong, you have got lost in something: Confession is available during the week in the KHG rooms. On Sundays, it is possible to receive the sacrament of reconciliation before the university mass (Hochschulgottesdienst) in the confession room of Sankt Bernhard with Christof Scherer.

Spiritual accompaniment

You want "more", you want to look at your life together with someone at regular intervals and explore how God is working in your everyday life? Spiritual accompaniment is available for this. You are welcome to contact Benedikt Lang.

Psychological counselling

You are looking for psychological advice: The KHG works closely with the counselling centre "Die Brücke":

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